Mortgage Calculator Reviews

We thought about creating our own mortgage calculator program because, when they’re done right, they can be a tremendous early research tool for your home mortgage. And, unfortunately, they’re not always done right. If the calculator fails to account for PMI, taxes, home insurance, and other seemingly peripheral but very real costs, the total estimated mortgage payment may be way off the actual amount and mislead the home buyer into thinking they have a bigger spending limit than they actually do. What we really need, we thought, are mortgage calculator reviews.

Today’s most popular mortgage calculators do a pretty good job of accounting for these variables, but even the best mortgage calculator isn’t a perfect calculation. Interest rates fluctuate daily. Local property tax rates are susceptible to change, as are the nature of the property tax deductions. In the face of climate change, home insurance is also facing increasing cost uncertainty.

Nevertheless, even with accurate estimates, these mortgage calculators must still be easy to use. Rather than develop our own calculator from scratch, we’re choosing to invest our resources in mortgage calculator reviews so you know what’s good, bad, and different about each one.


Mortgage Calculator Reviews from Pacesetter Mortgage