Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

A Rall Estate Investment Trust is a security that uses investors’ money to purchase and invest in managed real estate. Investors realize many of the tax advantages of owning real estate. Instead of outright purchase of real estate, which requires a lot of capital and makes you responsible for repairs, upkeep and rent collection, REIT’s give you the opportunity to pool your money with other investors, participate in a diversified portfolio of properties, and passively receive rental income.

Since their inception, REIT’s have offered outstanding returns for investors, and represent the easiest and most liquid way to participate in the real estate markets. Most REIT’s payout a much higher level of dividend income than most other investments. Many investors use REIT’s to diversify their overall portfolios, which also contain stocks, bonds and precious metals. REIT’s are available for rental properties, timber, commercial real estate and many other types of real property investments.